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The Dose of Leadership University is your hub of leadership knowledge & support, offering you an impactful & interactive community of like-minded leaders & mentors who are searching for significance just like you. 

The interaction with this unique community creates a level of accountability allowing you to grow into the kind of leader that you were called to be.




Being a leader is tough, & you can't do it alone. We need support. By joining, you will find encouragement & support that allows you to make the tough decisions & lead at the highest level.


A different perspective can be invaluable to successful decision making. There is much to be gained when we seek wisdom from leaders who represent various businesses and industries.


The vast majority of people never intentionally take charge of their personal development.  Most are just reacting to life.  By joining this group you set yourself apart by growing with purpose.


By joining this community you will be held accountable by your peers . Accountability leads to action, and action leads to achievement.  Accountability makes every leader better.



Bi-Weekly live sessions with Richard and his team of mentors, where knowledge is shared and your unique leadership challenges are addressed.


Gain first-hand knowledge, personal support, & community from a diverse group of professionals, entrepreneurs, & executives


Access to a private forum where you can post questions and receive valuable feedback from Richard and other members within the group.


20-High impact videos spread across four modules that gives you the perfect blueprint on how to become a true leader of influence.


Richard Rierson has over 25 years of real-world, practical leadership experience as a U.S. Marine Corps Officer, professional aviator, & corporate executive at the Vice President & Director level.

He’s maniacally passionate about leadership & believes that it’s central to every aspect of our lives. Central to his philosophy is that all of our leadership challenges should be met with the lifelong dedication & pursuit of becoming composed, confident, consistent, & courageous.

Leadership is his passion and promotes the belief that we will only be as successful as our ability to lead effectively.



Access to the Dose of Leadership University gives you unlimited access to these real-life leaders who are committed to seeing you succeed.

Kevin Nolan

Kevin is an information services principal with almost 30 years of progressive technical, managerial, and leadership experience. In his role as President, he is responsible for all aspects of his company – including daily operations, sales, marketing, long-range planning, and growth. As a founding partner, Kevin is integral to the strategic direction and rapid expansion of his company.

Jason Wick

Jason Wick is a Senior Manager of Product Development with over two decades of experience in software, music, and education. After a music career, he got started in software quality assurance working on video games at LucasArts in the Bay Area, and used that experience to build a career in a variety of software industries. His passion lies in managing and guiding others to reach higher levels.

Marie-Luise Fischer

Based in Cologne, Germany, Marie-Luise is responsible for leading multiple software development teams for Boeing Aerospace company. With international experience in creating, developing, and leading highly motivated & diverse teams, she's committed to lifelong learning and implementing leadership at every level.

Todd Thomsen

Todd is an enthusiastic and dynamic Professional Services and Information Systems Leader focused on delivering value to clients while providing exceptional customer service. He has a track record of increasing service offerings, accelerating growth, consistently exceeding objectives, developing innovative solutions to business problems, developing high-performance teams, and optimizing operations.

Brad Stoufflet

Brad Stoufflet serves as an Operations Manager for a consulting firm in the manufacturing industry. His role is to drive motivation and inspire others to achieve a higher level of success, professionally and personally. He helps align their vision with future goals and supports them in the execution. A native of Chauvin, Louisiana, Brad Stoufflet graduated from the University of Louisiana, earning a bachelor’s degree in Finance and Economics, and Louisiana State University at Shreveport, earning a Master of Business Administration (MBA). His tenacious, competitive spirit, coupled with intense self-discipline, led to the successful completion of multiple iron-distance triathlons and marathons across the United States. 

Talon Cutsinger

As the VP of Operations of a major disaster restoration company, you’ll most likely find Talon out on job sites talking to insured, contractors, and insurance adjusters. He's always eagerly learning how to best proceed through the restoration project. You may also find him at industry events or company functions asking questions of attendees about their businesses or sharing his ideas of Leadership. You’re more than welcome to tap into his knowledge of his industry and access a great list of contacts and resources.  He also oversees the culture, sales, and inside operations for all the Custom Commercial locations. He loves helping team members grow within the organization and his vision is to surround himself with great leaders.

Alexander McGuinness

Alex is a multilingual professional with an extensive background in leading cross-functional teams, both in the US and internationally.  He has 20 years of experience in entertainment production, with a consistent history of achievement in project management, budgeting, strategic planning, problem-solving, team building, business operations, and logistics.

Specific highlights of Alex’s career include organizing and leading live coverage of high-profile events such as the Oscars and Grammys red carpets, international movie premieres, the NBA All-Star Game, and professional boxing matches.

Mary Ellen Groh

Mary Ellen Groh (aka MEG) is starting a new role as Manager of WAN (Wide Area Network) Performance, Audit, and Compliance at Fiserv, a global Financial Services Technology company.  For the past three years, she managed a WAN Fulfilment team that provided connectivity from clients to Fiserv for access to Fiserv software products.

Her favorite part of the job is working with clients to help them determine the best solution to solve a problem or implement a new product to help their business grow and succeed.

She developed an interest in and started studying Leadership some years ago which led her to Dose of Leadership.

Paul Stringer

Paul is a Senior Project Specialist with Syneos Health - a top-ranked, multinational Clinical Research Organization in the biopharmaceutical services industry. Gifted with the ideal blend of problem-solving abilities, analytical insights, and critical thinking skills has allowed him to consistently deliver results that exceed expectations.   While he has had tremendous success in his career, he is most proud of the relationships he has built, and the confidence others have in him.

Kevin Opeth

Kevin is the Systems Integration Manager for a technology integration company. His goal is to build, support, and develop a strong team.

With over a decade of engineering and consulting experience, Kevin brings a high level of dedication, delivery, and results to his team and projects. He looks forward to developing new relationships and learning new ideas from others.

John Edwards

John Edwards is 30 years old and lives in Gatlinburg, TN with his wife and their daughter. He graduated with a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from College of Charleston in Charleston, South Carolina. John is the logistics manager of a brewery named Yee-Haw Brewing that he started with his brother, brother-in-law, and sister started in 2015.  John is dedicated to self-improvement and leadership development and helping others achieve their goals.

Joe Cronin

Joe is a self-described leadership junkie located in CA with extensive technology industry experience in technical program management, project portfolio management, new product introductions, and staff development in organizations focused on software and hardware development. He has a demonstrated record of success in developing lean processes while working with stakeholders in product, design, and engineering to meet schedules through effective communication, scheduling, cost control, and cross-functional leadership.

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UNIQUE ACCESS: You'll have unlimited access to Richard Rierson, and his entire community of mentors, at all times.  Utilize the forum to post a question about any challenge you may be facing.  Add your input to others, or simply sit back and observe.  The community is what you make of it.

EVERY LIVE SESSION RECORDED: There is no worry if you can't make a live session; they'll all be recorded and archived for you to watch at your leisure.  If you know you can't make a session, simply communicate your issue or question to Richard or one of the mentors and it will be addressed even without you being there.

INTERACT WITH RICHARD'S VAST NETWORK: Richard has interviewed over 450 leaders, CEO's, & thought leaders on his podcast Dose of Leadership.  At various times throughout the year, Richard will bring one of his previous guests onto the live session where you'll get a chance to interact & learn from them directly.


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